Gong Maison - Live At The Fridge, London - 2008 (Gong Maison) [CD+DVD]

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Gong Maison - Live At The Fridge, London - 2008 (Gong Maison) [CD+DVD]

Post by Musicgate on Sat Sep 04, 2010 4:18 am

Genre: Jazz-Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock
Recording Date & Place: live at The Fridge, London, 05/05/1991.
Label: © 2008 Gong Maison and Landmark. 74430
Type: Box Set, Unofficial Release

Source: My collection
Ripped - Uploaded by: Musicgate

Tracks info:
DVD-1 Fohat
DVD-2 Banana Award
DVD-3 Pretty Miss Titty
DVD-4 Om Riff
DVD-5 Esque Je Suis
DVD-6 Radio Gnome
DVD-7 Oh Mother / Longshanks
DVD-8 Dynamite
DVD-9 Didier Interview
DVD-10 Shepherd Of The Clouds
DVD-11 Kalipiege
DVD-12 Selene
DVD-13 You And I
CD-1 Fohat
CD-2 Banana Award
CD-3 Pretty Miss Titty
CD-4 Esque Je Suis
CD-5 Radio Gnome
CD-6 Oh Mother / Longshanks
CD-7 Dynamite
CD-8 Shepherd Of The Clouds
CD-9 Kalipiege
CD-10 Selene
CD-11 You And I

Personel info:
Bass, Vocals - Keith Missile*
Drums, Tabla, Percussion - Shyamal Maitra*
Other [With] - Brian Zero Abbott , Jonny Greene , Tom The Poet
Saxophone, Flute, Electronic Wind Instrument [Wx7] - Didier Malherbe
Violin - Graham Clark
Vocals, Guitar, Guitar [Glissando] - Daevid Allen


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