Lord Flimnap - Israel, prog

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Lord Flimnap - Israel, prog

Post by Musicgate on Sat Sep 04, 2010 12:47 pm

Lord Flimnap - Point Of View - 1989- NMR


Жанр: Symphonic Prog
Дата выпуска: 1989
Производитель диска, страна: World Wide Records, Germany
Страна исполнителя: Israel

Аудио кодек: FLAC
Тип рипа: (tracks + .cue)
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Включает: Full artwork, png jpg
Источник: torrent

1. The Wilderness (8:42)
2. Trapped in the Marsh (3:56)
3. Prodigy (6:17)
4. Out of my Way (10:24)
5. December (6:01)
6. Solution (4:47)

Об исполнителе: - progarchives
[Hebrew guide for progressive rock - Mitkadem.co.il]

Об альбоме: - progarchives.com

- Itay Eyal / electric bass, lead voice, acoustic & electric guitars, Zippy zither
- Ohad Goldbart / organ, piano, kurzweil, acoustic guitar, support voice, lead voice (2)
- Alon Weissman / drums, assistant percussion, support voice

Рейтинги и премии:
Progarchives - 4.00

Record Heaven (1986)
CD (re-issue) - Earsay Records (2004)

Lord Flimnap first and final release had been doomed to a cult status by its
time and origin. Released in Israel of 1989, it had a very restricted access to
the international market. Nonetheless, it eventually saw the light of day in
Europe with a release by a German label, SPM (WWR), that actually disguised Lord
Flimnap as a mysterious band of unexposed origin and date (in fact, they even
held a competition to reveal these band-biography details).

Now, it?s not like Lord Flimnap had invented anything new ? they mostly borrowed
from the giants of progressive rock, especially from the reflective tales and
dramatics of Genesis and the harmonies of Gentle Giant, with a nostalgic nod
that was both humble and unpretentious.

"The Wilderness," for example, begins as an acoustic guitar piece, slowly
unveiling the vocal harmonies and then transforming into an electrifying piece
that, with a sharp twist, turns into a hard-hitting, bass/drums wrestling match
in the Wetton/Bruford King Crimson tradition, finally making its way to an
authentic keyboard (organ, Kurzweil) and electric guitar interplay.

The three young teenagers who formed the group obviously yearned for a different
time, perhaps even a different place, and their attitude towards reviving the
classic progressive rock spirit was naive and free of pomposity, trading off
exploration and cathartic peaks for rawness and honest delivery that are
reflected throughout this album.

The compositions range from melancholic, sorrowful multi-passage themes to more
lively ones; with just the right amount of humor, that can be first spotted on "Out
of My Way" and culminates on the wild, upbeat (and a bit improvised) "Solution,"
making the album an enjoyable affair.

The 80?s low-budget production is remarkably clean, at times bringing a bit of
precise heaviness into the recording (kind of like Marillion), and contributes
to the roughness of the pieces. On certain parts ("Out of my Way"), the guitar
gets a slight metallic shade, which combines with the production to hint at the
possibilities of progressive metal, but considering their origin, it is
unthinkable that Lord Flimnap have made any impact outside their geographical
boundaries, although, had the circumstances been different, they probably would

It seems that above all, the strength of this release is buried in being unripe
and truthful, and while the 2004 re-release only adds some negligible-to-foreigner
bonus tracks showcasing the further evolution of the band?s members into less
progressive territories, along with a rough demo, it is definitely a cause for
celebration and a chance to discover this nostalgic release.


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