Geva Alon {Made In Israel / prog-folk}

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Geva Alon {Made In Israel / prog-folk}

Post by Musicgate on Fri Sep 03, 2010 4:01 am

Country: Israel
Label: © 2007 Geva Alon
Genre: Prog-Folk, Singer-Songwriter

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About performer:

Geva Alon is one of the most versatile and accomplished Israeli singer-songwriters of the last decade. He was born in a small Kibbutz (Then still a socialist commune-like community) close to the ruins of Caesarea. He wrote his first song at the age of 14 and took the guitar seriously, practicing countless hours as a kid.

As the founder & leader of "the flying baby" – probably the most powerful rock trio Israel has ever produced – he became known as an extraordinary & inventive guitar-player, capable of both hot-fierce fret-work solos and long slow moving jams into the unknown. But Alon is more then that – a gifted songwriter, he wrote all the lyrics & music to the band's songs. As a singer he possessed a haunting & surprising vocal register - sometimes comparable to early Neil young.

With the band Alon had recorded 3 albums (their debut is still officially unreleased). Their second album, "inner world" (2001) was hailed as "The best non-Hebrew Israeli rock album since ("the Churchills" legendary psych LP from) 1968".

The Band toured extensively all over California for sixteen months & played mostly in & around the bay area.

"Pain to give"- their 3rd album was released in 2004 on the "Blue Sun Music" Label to rave reviews. It contained dark memorable moments such as "Doorway To Simplicity" (with a great & gloomy Tom Verlaine's "Feel") alongside long excursions as "Bound To Go Crazy".

In 2006 Geva Alon released his debut solo album "Days Of Hunger".

This was a surprising acoustic-based effort, with country-rock & acid-folk edge that met with a tremendous success in Israel.

Alon's live performances, usually in small Tell Aviv clubs, drew more & more people in the last 3 years, and he is regarded as a great performer with a "take-no-prisoners" attitude & a tendency for long surprising guitar workouts.

"The Wall Of Sound", Geva's latest solo album was a much more rock-oriented journey. A well crafted combination between The Flying Baby's electric power, a dose of pop sensibilities and the acoustic "feel" of his debut. The album sold a couple of thousand copies 3 weeks after its release & the single "Modern Love", an emotional acoustic take on Bowie (the only cover on an all-original album) became an instant hit in Israel.

Now he is back at the NY scene with 2 Guitars, 10 fingers (thank God!) and some amazing songs for a series of rare live shows far from the holy-land. Don't miss the guy! He's a good one!

About albume:

Acoustic and electric guitars that blend into mysterious gems and go in and out of beautiful folk, rock & country songs. A remarkable follow up to his debut album "days of hunger".

Tracks info:
01. In My Head
02. Memories
03. To Reach Her Love
04. Cross Many Oceans
05. Rosemary's Eyes
06. The Wall of Sound
07. Somewhere
08. Modern Love
09. To Hear You Smile
10. Sun Bird

Personel info:


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