Shlomo Goldenberg (Israel, Jazz)

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Shlomo Goldenberg (Israel, Jazz)

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Shlomo Goldenberg - Flower - 2005

Жанр: Bop
Год выпуска диска: 2005
Производитель диска, номер, страна: Tammuz Publishers Ltd., Israel

What a Face
Продолжительность: 66:00
Источник: Моя коллекция
Риппер: Мой рип

1. Cool As Ice
2. Bo-Po
3. Flower
4. Gospel
5. Creation of the Flower
6. Blowing
7. Unspoken Words
8. How Deep is the Ocean
9. Circle
10. Lea's Blue Eyelashes
11. Bolero

Аll Music by Shtornl Goldenberg (Except 'How Deep is the Ocean" by Irving Berlin) ©️ 2005

selection 1-5 was recorded in Boston. July 21 1983, at Newbufy Sound Studio recording enyiner — Bob Reardon.
selection 6, 9 was recorded m Boston, December 13 1980, al a five concert at the New England Conservatory
selection 7, 8 was recorded in Boston, December 18 1990, at Blue Jay Studio.
selection 10 was recorded m Boston. 1986,
selection 11 was recorded tn Tel Aviv, 2004 at Digi Hippie Studio, recording engineer — Mark Srmilian

John Medeski (Piano)1 — 6, 9
Weseley Worth (Contrabass)1 — 5
Gordon Grolhemaller (Drums) 1 — 5
Avram Feler (Sop. Sax)1 (Ten. Sax.)-2, 4, 10 (Bass Clarinet)- 5
Munce Cahen (Silar)- 5
Antonio Arcodia (Drums)- 6, 9
Chris Weeks (Contrabass)- 6, 9
Gary Peacock (Contrabass)- 7, 8
Thomas McKinley (Piano)- 8
Alex Deutch (Drums)- 8
Winston Degraff (Trumpet)- 10
Eitan Izcovltt (Drums)- 10
Eli Mein (Piano)- 10
Haya Samir (Vocals ) — 11
Roslan Sirota (Keys) — 11
Yatziv (Tabla) — 11
Israel Nahum (Drums) — 11
Mark Smulian (Bass) — 11

Many young Israeli jazz musicians make the decision to go and study music abroad at some stage of their career. For most of them, the obvious choice is the Berklee College Of Music in Boston, USA. Usually, when the learning is over, the students pack their instruments and return to Israel to battle their way into the crowded Israeli jazz scene. In some cases however, they decide to stay and pursue their musical vocation on the lively Boston jazz scene, or move to the "Big Apple".

Shlomi Goldenberg is one of those young Israelis, for whom the initial period of jazz education developed into an active role as a composer, performer and band leader in the USA. In spite of his successes, Shlomi never forgot about his Homeland and his ties with Israel were always very strong. He repeatedly visits Israel, bringing with him "The Little Big Band" to perform all over the country, to the delight of the Israeli jazz lovers. I'm proud to be able to present this exceptional music to jazz lovers in Israel and all over the world. Shlomi Goldenberg surely deserves to be heard and admired, especially as a composer of an outstanding subtlety.

~ Adam Baruch

What a Face

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