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Samla Mammas Manna

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Samla Mammas Manna - Kaka (1999)

Label: 1999, Amigo Music, Sweden. Amigo 884

Tracks info:

01 - Stдmma Lite (0:29)
02 - Lyckliga Titanic (5:12)
03 - Oh Sa Masalana Jдmfort Med Еlman River (2:03)
04 - Fцrsta Ikarien (6:39)
05 - Reptilgдrna (2:16)
06 - Satori (3:28)
07 - Vegetariskt Impro, Svar Direkt (2:38)
08 - Frestelsens Cafe (8:14)
09 - Tung Krupa Tejpraga Tra La La (2:36)
10 - Andra Ikarien (3:33)
11 - Дven Oss Fеr Tiden Еldras Spasmodskij Engelbert Humperdinck Blues (5:12)
12 - Hatman (2:28)
13 - Tredje Ikarien (5:30)
14 - OQ (0:19)

Personel info:
Coste Apetrea - Guitar, Bouzouki, Veena, Voice
Hans Bruniusson - Drums, Percussion, Marimba, Voice
Lars Hollmer - Keyboards, Accordion, Melodica, Voice
Lars Krantz - Bass, Voice

About albume:
This Cd was recorded during Autumn 1998 at the Chickenhouse Uppsala
The live material comes from different concerts in Sweden and Norway 1993-1998
The studio recordings was mixed by Roine Stolt March 1999

Review by Alex Henderson

Humor is something that's missing from most jazz-fusion, which, like hard bop, post-bop and avant-garde jazz, tends to be intellectual and complex. But you'll find plenty of humor on Kaka, a quirky jazz-rock offering consisting of studio recordings from 1998 and live material that was recorded in Sweden and Norway from 1993-98. Samla Mammas Manna certainly doesn't shy away from the cerebral, but the veteran Swedish group combines intellect with a heavy dose of humor and goofiness that sets it apart from the fusion of Chick Corea, Joe Zawinul and Larry Coryell. Although Samla can be a little too self-indulgent at times, the Swedes' risk-taking spirit generally serves them well on Kaka, which often brings elements of Greek, Middle Eastern and Jewish music to their jazz-rock foundation. Fusion fans who are seeking something unorthodox should make a point of obtaining this CD.

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