Invisible Opera Company Of Tibet (Multynational)

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Invisible Opera Company Of Tibet (Multynational)

Post by Musicgate on Wed Oct 20, 2010 2:21 am

Invisible Opera Company Of Tibet (Daevid Allen, Robert Calvert, Gilli Smith) - Invisible Opera Company Of Tibet (1987)

Label: Austria (Voiceprint)
Genre: Cantebury scene, GONG-family, Psychedelic Jazz Rock

Tracks info:
1. Marpa's Entrance
2. G'Day
3. Hungry Ghosts
4. Away Away
5. Trial By Headline
6. Chernobyl Rain
7. Gorilla
8. Milarepa's Journey
9. The Other Side Of Me
10. Man And Woman
11. The Family
12. Strombirds
13. The Actor

Personel info:
Candrabhanu - drums & percussion
Arun Munoz - drums & percussion
Minute Sastrowasdoyo - violin
Bronwyn Jones - flute
Russel Hibbs - vocals
Harry Williamson, Gilli Smith - space whisper
Neil Cairney - percussion
Michael Brosman - didgerydoo
B.D. CO. - drums & percussion
W.A. Brothers - didgerydoo
Daevid Allwn - guitar & vocals
Steve Rocket, Robert Calvert - saxophones



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