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Ziv Ravitz

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Ziv Ravitz - Images From Home - 2009 (Self Released)

Жанр: Contemporary, Ethnic Jazz
Страна исполнителя: Israel
Дата записи: system Two. Brooklyn NY on March 20th 2009
Год издания: 2009
Страна - производитель диска: Israel
Издатель (лейбл): Self released
Продолжительность: 61:06
Источник: оригинал подарен 30277

01. klavan
02. lullaby for emma I
03. what do your eyes say (Mordechai Zayira)
04. cinema G
05. cry for peace
06. the D between us
07. on the way
08. avishkess
09. slowing down
10. slow dancing
11. lullaby for emma II
All music composed by Ziv Ravitz Except for "What do your eyes say" Mordechai Zayira

Avishai Cohen - Trumpet / Flute
Omer Klein - Piano / Rhouds / Melodica
Mika Hary - Voice (11)
Ziv Ravitz - Drums / Percussion / Guitar / Voice / Compositions

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"Несколько слов на английском":
cross culture fusion between Israeli folklore, American jazz, north African rhythms and European classical music. Ziv Ravitz's all star band (Avishai Cohen, Omer Klein) share similar background which make this blend possible

The concept of melting pot is one of the most predominant social tools of modern society. Assimilation is inevitable. And Israel is an extreme example of infusing societies. Ziv Ravitz is a descendent of a multi-cultural family. From a very young age he was exposed to his European (Poland/Russia) music heritage as well as the North African one (Egypt). The project “Images From Home” is a representation of that infusion of music that Ziv experienced while growing up in Israel. The music is based on all those genres that impacted not only Ziv’s sensibility but many other Israeli musicians. The concept behind the music is to blur the line between genres. To simulate real life in Israel at the moment where it is hard to define what exactly your heritage and background is. The members of Ziv’s ensemble were chosen for the same reason the music was created. All musicians share similar east-west assimilation. Avishai Cohen and Omer Klein bring to the table those elements that help blur the lines of genre and go beyond the music and its definition.


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