Diagonal(UK) - Diagonal (2008)

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Diagonal(UK) - Diagonal (2008)

Post by kelia99 on Sat Sep 18, 2010 4:07 pm

Diagonal(UK) - Diagonal (2008)

Diagonal biography:
DIAGONAL surprisingly appears on the stage in 2008 like an insider's tip. This Brighton/UK-based band is consisting of seven musicians in the mid twenties who obviously have the preference on 1970s prog music.

Accompanied by a 7'' production the eponymous debut album was released by the Rise Above Records label. The songs are full of references to wellknown prog dinosaurs but not getting dusty though. Based on a rich instrumentation and a sophisticated songwriting DIAGONAL is blending nearly all styles the genre has to offer. Far away from any mainstream this band is recommend to prog gourmets.

Review by moonknight
*****I really like progarchives and use it frequently to dig for new/old tunes.But when I saw that this album by Diagonal only had two reviews and it had no major love from the it's members of the site I decided to join. It is a serious crime that this AMAZING album is not in at least one of the top ten's. DIagonal takes everything good about 1970s prog with turning it into something new and fresh for those hungry for a classic sound. It does not have a "hipster retro " feel due to the quality of playing and sounds like if all the mistakes of the genre from 80's and 90's never happen.One things that the band manages to capture that I enjoy the most is subtle mixing of CTI jazz vibe with a classic hard rock sound. I could drop parts of it at a house party and the crowd would go nuts. But at the same time I could be reading Alfred Bester on a quite Sunday morning and be taken for a cosmic ride in space.Secondly for having 8 members, the band has a great sense when to play and when not to so the album isn't a busy and hard listen but a smooth ride.I seriously believe this will be a classic and hope they play the US. nuff said...

Official website

Year: 2008
Origin: UK
Genre: Eclectic Prog
Quality: (FLAC,cue,Log, cover,3% Recovery record)
Size: 313 mb
Source: My CD collection

Track List:

01. Semi-Permiable Menbrain (10:54)
02. Child of the Thundercloud (8:46)
03. Deathwatch (7:18)
04. Cannon Misfire (5:31)
05. Pact 14:03)

Total Time:46:34

Line-up Musicians:

- David Wileman / guitars, percussion, synth, vocals
- Nicholas Whittaker / alto saxophone, clarinet, flute, recorder, synth, percussion, vocals
- Alex Crispin / pianos, organ, lead vocals, synths, percussion
- Daniel Pomlett / electric bass, guitars, percussion, vocal
- Nicholas Richards / guitars, ebow, synths, percussion, vocals
- Ross Hossack / synths, tapes, filters, percussion, vocals
- Luke Foster / drums, synths, string arrangements, vocals

Releases information
LP/CD Rise Above Records (2008 UK)
Log EAC:
Exact Audio Copy V0.99 prebeta 4 from 23. January 2008

Отчёт EAC об извлечении, выполненном 22. июля 2009, 16:06

Diagonal / Diagonal

Дисковод: HL-DT-STDVDRAM GSA-H66N Adapter: 3 ID: 0

Режим чтения : Достоверность
Использование точного потока : Да
Отключение кэша аудио : Да
Использование указателей C2 : Нет

Коррекция смещения при чтении : 667
Способность читать области Lead-in и Lead-out : Нет
Заполнение пропущенных сэмплов тишиной : Да
Удаление блоков с тишиной в начале и конце : Нет
При вычислениях CRC использовались нулевые сэмплы : Да
Интерфейс : Встроенный Win32-интерфейс для Win NT/2000

Выходной формат : Внутренние WAV-операции
Формат сэмплов : 44.100 Гц; 16 бит; стерео

TOC извлечённого CD

Трек | Старт | Длительность | Начальный сектор | Конечный сектор
1 | 0:00.00 | 10:54.34 | 0 | 49083
2 | 10:54.34 | 8:46.27 | 49084 | 88560
3 | 19:40.61 | 7:18.37 | 88561 | 121447
4 | 26:59.23 | 5:31.63 | 121448 | 146335
5 | 32:31.11 | 14:03.16 | 146336 | 209576

Характеристики диапазона извлечения и сообщения об ошибках

Выбранный диапазон

Имя файла J:\Rapida\Lossless\Diagonal - Diagonal.wav

Пиковый уровень 100.0 %
Качество диапазона 99.9 %
CRC копии 2698A1C3
Копирование... OK

Ошибок не произошло

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