Gabriel Hason - Israel (Progressive, Ethnic)

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Gabriel Hason - Israel (Progressive, Ethnic)

Post by Musicgate on Sat Sep 04, 2010 4:12 am

Gabriel Hason - Chamber Of The Changing Colours - 2008

Жанр: Progressive, Ethnic
Дата выпуска: 2008
Производитель диска: a-Taw a-Shmini
Страна исполнителя: Israel

Аудио кодек: FLAC
Тип рипа: (image + .cue)
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Включает: Full artwork, png
Продолжительность: 1:00
Источник: Моя коллекция
Риппер: Мой рип

1. Lost Heart
2. Atzilut
3. Beriya
4. Yetzirah
5. Asiyah
6. Pathways

Об исполнителе / альбоме:
Практически нет информации, разыскивается, приветствуется любая помощь
Диск куплен в магазине Metal Shop (Tel Aviv), в котором есть большой раздел прогрессива с самоизданными дисками, не поступающими в общедоступные магагзины, уровень вполне достойный, заслуживает прослушивания и комментариев

скудная информация найдена на, на иврите

Третий альбом Габриэля Хасона, четыре пьесы с лидирующей гитарой и три песни, жанр - прогрессив с влиянием этно-музыки

рецензия на английском, с, судя по названию сайта - Хасон вышел из хасидских кругов

Gavriel Chason, esteemed artist in the field of Jewish creativity, launches a new album. The production is rich on one hand, but doesn’t have “noise”, among the rest by sharp and precise playing on the different string instruments, prominent guitars and “soft Rock”. The album will also please those who aren’t captivated by this style of music. The album features six tracks altogether, four of them being long instrumental tracks. The first single from the album which had already been distributed, “HaLev HaAvud” (The Lost Heart), was received with great interest by the listeners. Now, after his fingerwork and the call of the hour, Gavriel Chason presents a new third album which is very unusual, as can be expected from Chason. Each of the four instrumental tracks is about thirteen minutes long, each one representing a different world according to Kaballah: The World of Nobility (Atzilus), the World of Creation (Briah), the World of Formation (Yetzirah) and the World of Action (Asiah). At the end of the ‘World of Formation’ track Hason’s children join him in singing the traditional “E-l Norah Alilos” poem. Choosing the spiritual worlds of creation was not incidental, Chason is very much connected to Jewish spirituality and the inner depths of the Torah and combines Torah learning with musical creation. “I am just a vessel Hashem uses to pass on the music” says Chason, and indeed, whoever listens to the album, will agree that vessel which he is talking about, is well-made and succeeds in fulfilling its purpose.


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