Enoma Elish - Taking Bobby For A walk - 2007 (Israel) - NMR

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Enoma Elish - Taking Bobby For A walk - 2007 (Israel) - NMR

Post by Musicgate on Sat Sep 04, 2010 3:59 am

Country: Israel
Original Release Date: 2007
Label: Private Released
Genre: Jazz / Progressive Fusion

Source: torrents.ru
Ripped - Uploaded by: 30277
What a Face

About performer:

Enoma Elish began in Sept 2005 with Daniel Dolan on guitar, Gadi Stern on piano, Avnar Cohen on double bass, and Matan Assayag on the drums. The four friends were studying music together at the High School of Arts in Jerusalem. After deciding to start a jazz band, they enlisted the saxophist Elad Gellert, who had previously played with Assayag in the band Funkatron. The band members began writing material and preparing for their first show. Six months later they performed at The Music House where the audience, amazed by this new sound arriving to the Jerusalem music scene, gave the band a warm welcome. From there Enoma Elish began rehearsing on a regular basis, writing more material, and preparing for more shows. After some shows in local bars the members decided to record an EP. In Sept-Oct of 2006 they recorded ‘Taking Bobby for a Ride’ at The Yellow Submarine in Jerusalem, Israel. The EP was well received and so the band began performing more frequently in bars and small festivals around Jerusalem. After reviewing the EP, the band members continued to create more music looking for fresh sounds and expanding their repertoire. In November of 2007 the band entered new recording sessions at the Ogen Studios at Kibbutz Ogen. Shortly following the recording sessions, Cohen was replaced by Ehud Ettun on the double bass as the members continued on their search for a new style and sound. The group began working even harder and with the release of their latest material doors continued to open for them. The band was interviewed by newspapers, radio stations, and found more opportunities to perform around the country. In August of 2008 the band was given the honor to perform at the Red Sea Jazz Festival in Eilat, Israel. Currently the band is on a short break while Stern is in New York City studying at the New School of Music. Despite the distance, the five members are still working, writing more material and preparing for a next tour.

30277 писал
Вообще-то эти ребята проходят по джазовому ведомству (EE - участники програмы Red Sea Jazz Festival in Eilat 2008), но, внимательно отслушав альбом, решил отнести его к прогрессиву. Слишком уж рОкова и энергетика и ритмика музыки Enoma Elish. Слишком прОгова музыкальная логика и и отдельных композиций, и диска в целом. При абсолютно традиционно-джазовом наборе инструментов (с контрабасом и приобладанием акустического пиано), при развернутых (несомненно джазовых) импровизациях практически всех музыкантов, я воспринимаю альбом, как инструментальную рок-сюиту с джазовым влиянием. Определенно, эти ребята Мэла Коллинза с Филом Коллинзом не спутают. Лично мне приcлышались аналогии с King Crimson и UK(первый созыв), хотя о прямом сходстве речь не идет в принципе.
Что касается названия: вряд ли молодые изралитяне знакомы с одноименной трагедией Ахматовой, а вероятнее всего взяли имя из древнего вавилонского эпоса "Энума элиш", о сотворении мира из хаоса. Возможно даже альбом (в каком-то смысле) является музыкальной иллистрацией к тому самому эпосу.

Tracks info:
01. Merav (11:59)
02. US-428 (09:34)
03. Blast (07:28)
04. Decapitated (12:41)
05. Taking Bobby for a Walk (14:44)

Personel info:
Elad Gellert - sax (soprano,alto,tenor), didgeridoo
Gadi Stern - piano & fender rhodes
Dudush Dollan - guitar
Avner Cohen - bass
Matan Assayag - drums

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