Blue Sun (Denmark, kraut)

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Blue Sun (Denmark, kraut)

Post by Musicgate on Sat Sep 04, 2010 2:45 am

Blue Sun - Live 1970

Жанр: Kraut-rock, avant-garde jazz-rock.
Страна: Denmark
Дата записи: 1970
Дата выпуска оригинала: 1970
Дата выпуска переиздания: 2001
Производитель диска, номер, страна: Karma Music kmcd 1970
Тип: Live

Продолжительность: 1:03:52
Источник: Моя коллекция

Vejlby-Riisskovhallen 2. sept. '70
01)"Katedralen" (Zeuthen) 3.25
02) "Aum" (Blue Sun) 5.38
03) "John Henry" (Blue Sun / Smith) 5.26
04) "Capetown" (Zeuthen / Smith) 4.08
05) "Festival" (Zeuthen / Smith) 1.23
06) "Vinden blaeser" (Zeuthen / Smith) 3.00
Poly-Joint Lundtofte 17. maj '70
07) "Tokalash" (Kaspersen / Smith) 9:25
08) "John Henry" (Blue sun/Smith) 10:28
09) "Katedralen" (Zeuthen) 4:37
10) "Vinden blaser" (Zeuthen / Smith) 3:00
11) "Suset" (Kaspersen) 7:23
12) "Jord" (Kaspersen) 5.18

Dale Smith - voc, perc
Jesper Zeuthen - tenor- & sopransax
Soren Berggreen - flute,altsax,harpe,perc
Jan Kaspersen - klaver
Niels Pontoppidan - guitar
Poul Ehlers - kontrabas
Bo Jacobsen - trommer

Formed: 1969, Kobenhavn, Denmark
1. Peace Be Unto You 1970 Spectator Records
2. Blue Sun 1971 EMI
3. It's All Money Johnny 1976 Genlyd (as Jytte Pilloni & Blue Sun)
4. Blue Sun 73 1992 Danish Music Archives, archive live recordings
5. Live 1970 2001 Karma, CD archive live recordings

Formed in 1969 in Copenhagen, Blue Sun was hippie band having their roots in avant-garde jazz-rock. Most of their works come from live recordings - mostly improvisations dominated by sax, organ and guitar. The music is mainly instrumental, with some South African inspiration. The band was very popular at that time among youngsters, having strong spiritual power when they performed live.

Reissue on CD from the original master of live album by Danish PROGRESSIVE hippy outfit similar to BURNING RED IVANHOE, RAINBOW BAND and MIDNIGHT SUN. Recorded in 1970! Long tracks with extensive solo improvisation interplay between UITAR/SAX/FLUTE. Blue Sun is one of the most loved and missed bands in Danish Rock history. Their career was extreme short and intense. Blue Sun was at times very closed connected to the hippie-movement, and they marked the opening of the summercamp in jutland with grace. Sadley this band has done wery few recordings. We have collected the best we could find, an this is Blue Sun at their best: Live!


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