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The Animals - A's B's & EP's (2003)

Genre: Blues-Rock, Rock & Roll, British Invasion
Recording Date: 1964 - 1965
Release Date: May 20, 2003
Type: Compilation
Label: EMI Gold 7243 5 83114 2 6

Source: My collection
Ripped - Uploaded by: Musicgate

Tracks info:
1 • Baby Let Me Take You Home (Bert Russell/Wes Farrell) 1964
2 • Gonna Send You Back To Walker (S Mathews/J R Hammond) 1964
3 • The House Of The Rising Sun (Traditional/Alan Price) 1964
4 • Talkin' 'Bout You (Ray Charles) 1964
5 • I'm Crying (Alan Price/Eric Burdon) 1964
6 • Boom Boom (John Lee Hooker) 1964
7 • Around And Around (Chuck Berry) 1964
8 • Dimples (John Lee Hooker/Bracken) 1964
9 • I've Been Around (Fats Domino) 1964
10 • Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Bennie Benjamin/Sol Marcus/Gloria Caldwell) 1965
11 • Club-A-GoGo (Eric Burdon/Alan Price) 1965
12 • Bring It On Home To Me (Sam Cooke) 1965
13 • For Miss Caulker (Eric Burdon) 1965
14 • I'm In Love Again (Fats Domino/Dave Bartholomew) 1964
15 • Bury My Body (Traditional/Alan Price) 1964
16 • I'm Mad Again (John Lee Hooker) 1964
17 • She Said Yeah (Jackson/Christy) 1964
18 • We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Barry Mann/Cynthia Weil) 1965
19 • It's My Life (R Atkins/C D'Errico) 1965
20 • I'm Going To Change The World (Eric Burdon) 1965
21 • How You've Changed (Chuck Berry) 1965
22 • I Believe To My Soul (Ray Charles/Learner) 1965
23 • Let The Good Times Roll (Leonard Lee/Shirley Goodman) 1965
24 • Worried Life Blues (Estes/Nixon) 1965

Personel info:
Eric Burdon - Vocals
Chas Chandler - Bass
Alan Price - Keyboards
John Steel - Drums
Hilton Valentine - Guitar

About albume - Bruce Eder:

The Animals' output on EMI has been so heavily reissued and recompiled so many times that none of it is especially rare, or notable for that reason -- it just stands up as music, especially the singles, which are what we have represented here. The compilation CD A's B's & EP's is a handy way of taking a tour of the group's early sound, up through the middle of 1965, boiling down their singles, B-sides, and EP's in excellent sound. It took the group a few tries to really master the art of making a strong album from start to finish, but -- as we're reminded here -- their 45s were beyond reproach, exciting, bold, and daring, and all memorable. Hearing Hilton Valentine's guitar crunching and chiming away on "I'm Crying," or John Steel's drums up close and personal on "Boom Boom," supporting Eric Burdon's voice and juxtaposed with Alan Price's organ, is still a bracing experience 40 years later -- and on this master, Valentine's trip down the fret board and Price's keyboard flourishes exude rippling energy and a bracing presence -- even on cheap speakers, Steel's snare is distinguishable from the rest of the rhythm section; and on "It's My Life" you can practically hear the action on his kit. And this disc is also a good opportunity for low-level fans to discover obscurities such "I'm Gonna Change the World" which, with its ambitious lyric and form, sort of anticipates the later compositions that Burdon would cut, on his own and away from virtually all help. The annotation is nothing special, the packaging has its weaknesses (in terms of the original releases of the songs), and EMI's Complete Animals still runs circles around this CD, but it's an okay piece to have and easier to find than that double-disc set, as of 2004.


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