Alex Bershadsky (Fusion, Israel)

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Alex Bershadsky (Fusion, Israel)

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Alex Bershadsky - Junk - 2006

Жанр: Fusion, Bass virtuoso
Страна: Israel
Дата выпуска: 2006
Производитель диска, номер, страна:
®️ & ©️ Alex Bershadsky. Manufactured by MY Records. 01868-001
Дата записи:
Recorded and mixed in December 2006 at NEVA Records, New York
Drums on track 10 recorded at Station House Sound, New York
Drums on tracks 3, 4 and 7 recorded at Artsonic Studio, New York.

What a Face
Источник: Моя коллекция
Риппер: Мой рип

01 - Ready, Set, Go
02 - Day Dreaming Drugs the Pain of Living
03 - Drift
04 - Underdog
05 - Via Dolorosa
06 - Can't Get Use to it
07 - Stop
08 - West Side
09 - That's the Way it is
10 - Rush Hour
All music written and arranged by ALEX BERSHADSKY

ALEX BERSHADSKY - Bass, Acoustic Guitar
IAN FREITOR - keyboards and programming
MAC GOLLEHON - Trumpet, cornet & Trombone
TOM RUSSO - Trumpet
ARNO HECHT - Tenor & Soprano sax
GAL GERSHOVSKY - Drums (tracks 3, 4 & 7)
UTSI ZIMRING - Drums (track 10)



Alex was born in Latvia, but moved to Israel at the age of two with his family. Once his music career took off, he became immersed with the country's top musicians. Undoubtedly, this exposure to master musicians had a tremendous effect on Bershadsky’s development as a performer and composer. Over the period of his career Alex performed alongside the crème de la crème of talent - both in television and radio. Bershadsky also had the privilege to perform at prestigious Israeli events such as The Red Sea Jazz Festival, and Rigas Ritmi - the largest annual rhythmic music festival in the Baltic region.

During the 90’s Alex successfully formed two bands; “RTZ” - a Jazz Fusion group who toured Europe and released an album, and “Zonzee” - who released two albums; Time Flies (1999) which received great press and much acclaim, and Buzz (2005), featuring legendary guitarist Mike Stern. Bershadsky penned most of the material for both groups, which gave him the opportunity to demonstrate his range and talent.

It wasn't long before Alex crossed the Atlantic to officially represent Israel under the auspice of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs to perform in world famous Jazz venues such as The Blue Note in New York. While in Los Angelas, Bershadsky recorded sessions at Steve Vai's Mother Ship Studio with famous Argentinean guitarist Carina Alfie and producer Neil Citron.

Today, Alex is one of Israel's top musicians; he has released his first solo album Junk, recorded in NY (2007), is endorsed by Zon Guitars, living in Israel and working on his second solo album.

Bass musician magazine Oct/Nov 2007
Review by Damian Erskine

Alex Bershadsky - JUNK

"Israeli Fret-less Bass phenom, Alex Bershadsky, is sure to secure himself a slot in the minds of bass lovers and players everywhere. Having toured festivals around the world as a member of the Israeli fusion band "Zonzee" (and representing Israeli jazz at the Blue Note, NY at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), those "in the know" have already known Alex to be an accomplished player, lyrical soloist and sure footed technician. His first solo release, "Junk" has proven Alex to also be a wonderful writer.

While this album will take us down many roads stylistically, Alex's voice on the instrument (4 string fret-less Zon Legacy Elite) is strong and comes across beautifully in every setting. From the beautiful and haunting melodies of "Drift" to the hard driving and uber-funky "That's the Way It Is" or the Willis inspired "Rush Hour", this album will surely have you checking his website for scheduling to see when he's coming to town. This band Smokes."

What a Face

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