Albert Beger {Made in Israel, Jazz}

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Albert Beger {Made in Israel, Jazz}

Post by Musicgate on Sat Sep 04, 2010 2:24 am

Albert Beger - Albert Beger's 5 (2004)

Dedicated to memory of Steve Lacy (1934 - 2004)

Country: Isarel
Release Date: 2004
Label: Earsay's Jazz ES033
Genre: Cool, West Coast, free jazz
Source: My collection
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About performer:

About albume:
Israeli free jazz saxophonist Albert Beger, 45, has dedicated his fifth disc, Listening, to the late great saxophonist Steve Lacy. But unlike the Lacy quote, on Listening Beger delays his surrender to the music and opts for a more accessible musical statement. This disc, the first outing with a quintet after recording with quartet and trio formats where Beger was the main soloist, is the best Beger has delivered so far. With this collaborative quintet Beger is able to share the leading chores with two other soloists, but mainly Yoni Silver on the alto sax and bass clarinet. The quintet keeps Beger on the edge, pushing him forward, balancing him, but always in a very measured manner, too often too measured.
With the quintet Beger chose to record seven tracks, spanning a very short 45 minutes, with tight and focused arrangements. This compactness is one of the great virtues of Listening. But after the initial enjoyment from this exciting quintet, and knowing Beger's composing skills and his willingness to push ahead any boundaries, I found myself wishing that he would take more risks and stretch out a little more, especially with such sympathetic players.
The opening explosive track, “What a Day,” represents Beger's attitude on this disc. It begins with a simple Aylerian anthem-like theme that all players follow, but soon enough Beger begins a wild and fiery, tough, too short solo that is followed by a Hendrixian distorted guitar solo by Yiftach Kadan, side by side with a passioned solo by Yoni Silver on the alto sax, but then it finishes quite abruptly after a short replication of the theme, leaving one wishing for more of this head. Only on “Karma” does the quintet play with total abandon, with intense high energy drumming by Fershtman, but again it ends too soon.
Listening also features Beger's sentimental side in his homage to one of the main influences on his playing, Albert Ayler, on the sweet and innocent ballad “Albert” and on another quiet and beautiful track, “Sasha”; but his cohorts in the quintet, Silver and Kadan, always counter Beger's sentimentality.
On the last track, “Baba Yogi” (Beger is a dedicated yoga student), Beger's improvisations pay a debt to Lacy and one of the forefathers of the small Israeli free jazz scene, clarinet player Harold Rubin, with whom Beger began playing free jazz.
“Music speaks for itself, and needs no explanation or justification; either it is alive, or it is not.” Again, a Lacy quote that Beger and his producer, Yossi Acchoti, chose for the liner notes. Indeed, the music through Listening is full of vitality, and it speaks volumes on behalf of Beger.

Tracks info:
1. What a Day
2. I Was Here Before
3. Albert
4. Listening
5. Karma
6. Sasha
7. Yogi Baba

All music composed and arranged by Albert Beger
Produced by Yossi Acchoti
Recorded at Sky Studio, Israel, by Menny Beger (April 2004)
Mixed by Yoram Lev
Mastered by Avi Elbax & Yoram Lev

Personel info:
Albert Beger - tenor and soprano saxophone;
Yoni Silver - alto saxophone, bass clarinet and organ;
Yiftach Kadan - guitar;
Gabriel Meir - bass;
Hagai Fershtman - drums

State of the Sun - Albert Beger's Quartet -

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Hamid Drake, Albert Beger, William Parker - Evolving Silence Vol. 2 (2006)

Post by Musicgate on Sat Sep 04, 2010 2:25 am

Жанр: Free Jazz, Free Improvisation
Страна: Israel
Дата записи: Submarine Studios, Tel Aviv, February 27, 2005
Дата выпуска: August 1, 2006
Производитель диска, номер, страна: Jazz Ear Produstion for EARSAY ES091 ©️ 2006 Albert Beget ®️ 2006 EARSAY

What a Face
Источник: Моя коллекция
Риппер: Мой рип

1. Evolvinq Silence
2. Duo #5
7. Funky Laсу
4. Skies of Israel

Music composed by Albert Begger, except 2 which was improvised

Hamid Drake - drums & Percussion
Albert Begger - tenor saxophone and alto flute
William Parker - bass


Evolving Silence, Vol. 2 follows a year after Vol. 1, which documented the first ever meeting in the studio of Israeli sax player Albert Beger and the great rhythm section of William Parker and Hamid Drake. This disc was recorded a day after an unforgettable performance by trumpeter Roy Campbell's Pyramid Trio on which Beger was featured as a guest player, on the same day as the first volume.

Like its predecessor, this album features four different perspectives: three original compositions by Beger and one free improvisation with Beger and Parker. The close musical affinity of the trio's members—and their religious, zen-like, egoless attitude—is still present, marking one of Beger's finest appearances on disc. With Parker and Drake's spiritual, modest playing and their openness and embracing compassion, there is no way but to take off. It's clear that Beger, in his body and soul, was ready for such an opportunity.

The opening track, the thirteen-minute "Evolving Silence," begins with an intense, two-minute duo segment with Parker and Drake, and only then does Beger add his percolating tenor sax and lead the trio through alternating themes. Beger leaves Parker and Drake for short, muscular interplay, and then brings this piece to a safe harbor. "Duo # 3," a free improv duet between Beger's alto flute and Parker bass, begins with Beger talking through his alto flute and ends as kind of a ceremonial tribal duet. "Funk Lacy" is indeed a sweeping rhythmic masterpiece.

The closing "Skies of Israel" is a beautiful and poetic piece that features restrained arco playing by Parker, gentle, crying lines by Beger, and spare and imaginative drumming by Drake—sounding in these painful days like a humble plea for peace and humanism, in the same vein that this great trio explores throughout. Warmly recommended.

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