Jean-Luc Ponty - The Gift of Time (1987)

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Jean-Luc Ponty - The Gift of Time (1987)

Post by Musicgate on Sat Sep 04, 2010 2:11 am

Label: Russia
Genre: Fusion
Crossover Jazz

Richard S. Ginell (AMG)
The act of switching to Columbia did not have a substantial impact upon Jean-Luc Ponty -- not yet, at least -- for his debut with the label found him mining the repeating, sequencer-driven lode that he was exploring while on Atlantic. But there are two areas where there is a difference: the material is superior to that of Fables, more memorable and immediately winning in melodic and arpeggiated content, and the sound quality is considerably improved over that of much of his Atlantic output. The rhythm section of Fables returns, with Pat Thomi replacing Scott Henderson on guitar, and as before, they take a definite back seat to their leader's violins, synthesizers and electronic devices. Other points of note: "Between Sea and Sky" has a slightly Jamaican feel, and the lovely "Introspective Perceptions" (another of Ponty's notoriously portentous word pairings) is exactly what the title says it is, appropriately recorded solo.

Tracks info:
1. Prologue (1:01)
2. New Resolutions (4:47)
3. Faith in You (4:46)
4. No More Doubts (4:47)
5. Between Sea and Sky (5:04)
6. Metamorphosis (5:51)
7. Introspective Perceptions (7:30)
8. Gift of Time (5:05)

Total Time: 38:51

Personel info:
- Jean-Luc Ponty / synthesizer, bass, percussion, drums, violin, main performer, producer
- Pat Thomi / guitar (acoustic), guitar
- Baron Browne / bass
- Rayford Griffin / percussion, drums

Releases info:

LP Columbia 40983 (1987)
CD Columbia CK-40983 (1991)
1997 CD Sony Jazz 40983

Awards & ratings info: - 3.67 - Top Contemporary Jazz Albums #5

Source: Render's collection
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