Rea Bar-Ness - Remember & Forget - (2006) {Made In Israel / Contemporary jazz, Middle Eastern music}

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Rea Bar-Ness - Remember & Forget - (2006) {Made In Israel / Contemporary jazz, Middle Eastern music}

Post by Musicgate on Sat Sep 04, 2010 2:01 am

Country: Israel
Release Date: 2006
Label: self released
Genre: Contemporary jazz, Middle Eastern music
Source: My collection
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About performer:

About albume:
A new sound is coming out of Israel.
The fusion of cultures in the region is starting to show its influences within the music that is created here.
Rea bar ness is part of a group of young musicians, who in the past few years have been creating and experimenting with music that is truly Israeli. Elements from Arabic and middle eastern music, as well as from eastern European music are used in this art form, creating a sound that is unique, refreshing and an innovating addition to the jazz world.
In this record, rea shows his talent as a composer, as well as a diverse drummer, using his experience in playing Middle Eastern music, jazz and his background as a timpani player in symphony orchestras. Rea's sound is unmistakable; his powerful playing is a contrast to some of the lyrical melodies on this debut album.
Dan Aran - Tel Aviv 2006.

Tracks info:
1. And if at all
2. Avazim hayinu
3. Intensity
4. Haj ahhmad
5. Shulka
6. Kineret
7. Tachlles
8. Linda

Personel info:
Amos Hoffman - Guitar & Qud
Omri Mor - piano
Omer Avital - bass on tracks 1,4,5,8
Gilad Abro - bass on tracks 2,3,6,7
Avishai Cohen - trumpet
Asaf Yuria - tenor sax
Rea Bar-Ness - drums & percussion

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