Backnee Horn - Backnee Horn - 2009 (Israel)

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Backnee Horn - Backnee Horn - 2009 (Israel)

Post by Musicgate on Sat Sep 04, 2010 12:09 am

очерк истории прогрессива в Израиле

Country: Israel
Recording Date: Head Lee Studios, Israel, 2008
Release Date: 2009
Label: Head Lee Records, Israel - Private Pressing
Type: Jam
Genre: Neo Psychedelic, Kraut

Source: My collection
Included: FLAC (tracks), TAU, CUE, LOG
Rip validating: EAC ripped, correct, test and cope mode
Covers: Full Artworks provided

About performer:
Unknown group from Jerusalem, songs on unknown (a la Magma) language
Four musicians united in one group, thinking, creating, playing & streaming together, to create imaginative, space-universe-galactic & sometimes human music. It is based on the never-told stories & the most hidden colors & pulses of mind, that come to life in the band's special way of working & comunicating in the studio with their musical instruments.

Tracks info:
1. Zooming Glooming
2. Outleting Storming Particles
3. Far Away But Close
4. Around the Karmal Line
5. Multiple Streaming Encounter
6. Exhale Inside a Shell
7. Flaming Inside Gaming
8. Malachite Stroke
All tracks composed by Backnee Horn

Personel info:
Rudi J. - Drums, Vocal
Zohar Cohen - Mellotron
Shimon Afriat - Bass, Synthesizer
Yevgeny Kushnir - Guitars


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