Charly Garcia - La Hija de la Lagrima (“The Tear's Daughter”) - 1994

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Charly Garcia - La Hija de la Lagrima (“The Tear's Daughter”) - 1994

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Release Date: 1994
Genre: Prog Related
Label: Argentina, Sony - Columbia 2-470426

Source: My collection

Tracks info:
01 - Overture - 03:02
02 - Victima - 05:02
03 - Jaco Y Chofi - 02:51
04 - Atlantis - 02:18
05 - La Sal No Sala - 03:39
06 - Chipi - Chipi - 03:07
07 - Calle [Taxi] - 02:27
08 - Love Is Love - 03:14
09 - Tema De Amor - 01:19
10 - Fax U - 07:28
11 - Lament - 01:07
12 - Intermedio - 03:02
13 - Workin' In The Morning - 01:52
14 - Waitin - 04:11
15 - Kurosawa - 05:52
16 - Chiquilín - 02:11
17 - Andan (Excerpt) - 00:20
18 - James Brown - 00:45
19 - Intraterreno - 02:50
20 - No Sugar - 02:45
21 - Atlantis 2 - 03:59
22 - Locomotion - 02:11
23 - Andan [Complete] - 03:23

Personel info:
Bateria у percusion - Fernando Samatea
Guitarras - Maria Gabriela Epumer
Sampler en "Tengo Mercurio Bajo La Miel" - Alfi Martinez
Organo у bajo en "La Sal No Sala" - Fabian Quintero
Bajo en "Taxi" - Fernando Lupano
Violin en "Intraterreno" - Jorge Pinchevski
Guitarra у voz en "La Sal No Sala" - Juanse
Percusion - Luis Morandi
Armonica - Bruja Suarez
Voces en "Tengo Mercurio Bajo Mi Piel" - lllya Kuryaki
Todo lo demas - Chariy Garcia

Аргентинская рок-икона, его карьера началась с группы "Sui Generis", затем последовали “La Máquina De Hacer Pájaros”, “Seru Giran” и сольные проекты, всегда фаны воспринимали его, как новатора и фронт-мена
Все его песни известны и любимы двумя поколениями аргентинцев

Полный текст статьи на английском
Talking about Rock and Roll music Charly Garcia is the most representative artist in Argentina. From the beginning with his first group called "Sui Generis", going through “La Máquina De Hacer Pájaros”, “Seru Giran”, and his soloist career, he has always been involved in success, acclaimed by his fans His innovative profile has made Charly a forefront artist and a symbol of our music. All his songs were famous and yet today, two generations after, they are known by adults and teenagers . Proof of this are the continuous adolescent demonstrations in front of his house as also the multitudinarious performances he gives to an audience of 15/40 years. Some relevant facts have been his presentation with Nito Mestre when “Sui Generis” was dissolved , and in 1992 when he offered a historical reappearance with “Seru Giran” with an audience of 20.000 people at River Plate Stadium of Buenos Aires city after being separated for 10 years, having as a competitor the same day a famous group in all Latin America like “Soda Stereo”. Each Charly’s performance is an invitation to surprise, it’s to feel again that his creative talent is intact, that local media are not tired about Charly´s news that could bring to them a front cover page note and that the artist almost 30 years later is still being the same charismatic person that in his beginning.
Charly Garcia was born in October the 23rd. of 1951 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During school days he met Nito Mestre and they had a strong relationship that joined them in one of the most popular group of our music: “Sui Generis”. As he said: “At school I wrote the most popular songs that years later we performed with Nito in “Sui Generis”. Some of these songs were “Natalio Ruiz”, “Estación”, “Dime Quién Me Lo Robo” among others. During his career he was the “body and soul” of groups like “La Máquina De Hacer Pájaros”, “PorSuiGieco”, and Serú Giran who was the best Rock / Symphonic group we have ever had in Argentina. During these years Charly wrote hits like: “Canción de Alicia en el País”, “Cinema Verite.”, “Llorando en el Espejo”, “Mientras Miro las Nuevas Olas”, “Salir de la Melancolía”etc., who are anthems for his fans. In 1982 he began his soloist career with a double album called “Yendo De La Cama Al Living” which contained the soundtrack of a film called “Pubis Angelical”. This album contains a new music concept but it has some reminiscence of Seru Giran too. It contains a lot of his “tops” like “Peluca Telefónica”, and “No Bombardeen Buenos Aires”. Then followed albums like “Modern Clics”, “Piano Bar”, “Parte De La Religión”, “Como Conseguir Chicas”, Filosofía Barata y Zapatos De Goma”, “Tango” and “Tango 4” with Pedro Aznar (ex bass player of Seru Giran and Path Metheny Group), “Seru 92”, “Seru Giran en Vivo”, “MTV Unplugged”, “La Hija De La Lágrima”, “Say No More”, “El Aguante”, and “Demasiado Ego”(a great hit live recording with some new songs) have been top sale albums in Argentina. As well, Charly had succeded producing artists like “Los Twist” and “Los Abuelos De La Nada”. Also, he wrote music for TV programs and films. Nowadays, Charly Garcia is the one and only big artist that Argentina has in Rock and Roll music. He also wrote ballads like “Adela en el Carrousell” and songs where he talks about military government like “No Bombardeen Buenos Aires” where he describes in metaphoric lyrics the situation of those days during 1976 – 1983 years. As we can see, through his career he has given us a lot of hits that are the inheritage of the Argentinean’s culture.


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